Cafe Luna Azul is getting better every day….. Adding new items to our menu, using fresh organic milk in our lattes and smoothies, as well as the fresh cheese that our caretaker Nurys makes every single morning!

Join us for breakfast, lunch and any time between 8am to 4pm, in our beautiful rustic location overlooking the peaceful ranch….. And for the more adventurouse we have zip lining, horseback riding and mountain biking….

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Started the rainy season.!

Life is coming back to the land at Pura Aventura.!  The trees are getting green the horses are happy with fresh grass to eat and the rivers are starting to fill up again.  We have been enjoying the coolness and the change from dry and hot to cool and wet.

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I am enjoying my time here at La Hacienda de la Norma very much. During the past few days I have been conducting interviews in the local community including the homeowner Nuri who lives on the farm. I also went to 27 de Abril (where most of our canopy guides reside) to get a greater understanding of Guanacaste life and Pura Vida. With the help of Amed, I interviewed his grandfather Erasmo who started as a “sabanero” or cowboy at age 7. He told me that the term Pura Vida is something that was recently introduced in Costa Rica. He said instead of saying “muy bien” people say, Pura Vida to describe that they feel “good.” It was a pleasure getting the chance to meet Amed’s family and eat dinner with them. We had a traditional meal: tortillas, ham, rice, beans, and fresh cheese called cuhada!

-Toni Granato, M.A. Student in Global Sustainability

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Hacienda La Norma esta trabajando en hacer una huerta de media acre con la ayuda del agricultor local TOM PEIFER y el estudiante universitario Tony con la ayuda de el Administrador Peter Lawson y el encargado de la finca Diolis Matarrita, ellos estan trabajando en el nuevo proyecto de plantar arboles frutales y algunas hierbas para el beneficio del medio ambiente y consumo local.
Por lo tanto se piensa en plantar arboles de mango, platano, limon, tamarindo, naranjas y algunas hierbas como tomillo, romero, albahaca y otras hierbas.

Diego Elizondo B

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These are some birds species that we have at Pura Aventura: Squirrel Cuckoo, Crested Caracara, Green Kingfisher, Bare-throated Tiger-Heron, and the Turquoise Browed Mot Mot. The Mot Mot is commonly found in the Pacific lowlands, like Rio Seco.

The adult Hoffmann’s Woodpecker is 18 cm long and weighs 68g. Its upperparts and wings are neatly barred with black and white, and it has a white rump. The underparts are pale buff-grey with a yellow central belly patch. The male has a white forehead, red crown, and yellow nape. The female has a white crown and forehead and reduced yellow nape. Young birds are duller, have less white above and less yellow on the belly.

- Amed Alvarez


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Today I saw two different animals.
Near the Nandamojo River there were six wood storks. In the canopy I saw one group of pacific screech-owls. They were sleeping!!

-Amed, Paparazzi

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Yesterday we found mariolas bees which are stingless and are used for medicinal purposes. Peter was cutting down the tree in front of the barn and Wimar noticed the small bees swarming around the bark. When Peter cut the bark, there was a lot of honey inside. We scooped out the honey and Milania strained it for us in the cafe. The mariolas produces one of the best kinds of honey in Costa Rica.

-Amed Alvarez, Canopy Tour Guide and “Paparazzi”

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Pura vida or “pure life” is the local saying here in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica where Pura Aventura is located. It describes the lifestyle of the local people and through eco-tours like horseback riding and canopy, zip lining you can certainly understand and participate in local Guanacastean or “Ticos” past times.

In the morning we were paired with horses before moving through the pasture to head to the mountains. All horses were great and tame, especially for a first time rider like myself.

There are many chances throughout the tour to learn about the local fauna and flora in the area including the Guanacaste, or “ear tree” which was given its name because the seeds are shaped like an ear lobe. This tree is also the province’s national tree. The one we stopped by was more than 100 years old and had sprawling branches reminding me of the Live Oaks found in the North American.

It is important to note that throughout the year there are two very different climates at Pura Aventura. In early May, Guanacaste is still experiencing the semi-arid climate which usually lasts from September to April. While riding up the mountain range and going to the canopy, we could notice the dry season is still in effect now during the second week of May. Some of the trees in the valley are green but the rest are dry and waiting for the rainy season. I was surprised to learn that the river (more like a stream now) that we rode across and the horses drank from flows into the pasture in October. The good thing about the changing climates is that on the tours you will experience different species throughout the year. On our trip, we saw two families of howler monkeys in different locations as well as the woodstork, green parrot, motmot and magpie bird.

The canopy zip lining provided safe, fun, and exciting experience. The views were of the valleys and mountains and were spectacular with few notions of any civilization. The guides pointed out one coffee farm in the distance. One of the guides, Amed, was our “paparazzi” and took many pictures and videos of us on the zip line. Those are memories I will bring back to the States and treasure forever.

At the end of the day, the guides told me about the local myths or “legendas” in the region including “the Mona” or monkey and “the Mayor.” Both concern rebellious women who turn for the worst after neglect from their husband. Mona, is a story of a man who womanized his wife and drank all night. As a result she turned into a monkey and locals to this day claim they hear the sound she produces in the night (most likely the howler monkey). One account had said Mona arrived at someone’s house and videos of her may be found on You Tube.

-Toni Granato, Global Sustainability Master’s student

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Here we are in May, but the weather is still great, blue sky and no clouds….. Come and enjoy our canopy tour, horseback riding and mountain biking without the crowds!!!

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Lots of new horseback riding options at Pura Aventura! Come for a regular tour, an half day, become a cowboy or enjoy the sunset….. Private parties available as well, just contact us and we’ll market the perfect package for you

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Full summer here!!! Blue sky, 92F, second tour of the day just took off…. Time for lunch at the new Cafe Luna Azul at Pura Aventura

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Welcome to our new blog. This is a place to share comments, reviews, pictures, experience…..

Today is a beautiful day here at Hacienda La Norma, Pura Aventura, and we are exited about the coming season…. Getting ready with a totally renewed coffe shop and an air conditioned souvenir shop, great places to hang out for a drink or a snack and a little shopping before and after the tours….

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