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11 cables, a swinging bridge and a rappel, all designed to give you an exhilarating experience while safely soaring through the forest.

Pura Aventura's horses are well-groomed, even-tempered and sure-footed with a comfortable gait.

Explore 13 km of pastures and forests on our up to date 2012 Trek 2700 front suspension mountain bikes.

Discover Guanacaste

The Hacienda has 1400 acres of natural resources, nearly 800 of which are primary forest (old wood).

Safety 1st

Double cables and double pulleys: our equipment is top of the line and our guides are experienced and knowledgeable.

Zipline Adventures in Tamarindo

A Canopy and Horseback Riding Adventure.

Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

We are Guanacaste's premier adventure location.

We are located on a 150 year old Costa Rican horse and cattle ranch with over 1400 acres of natural resources. The hacienda encompasses nearly 800 acres of primary forest (old wood), 250 acres of secondary forest (new wood), 350 acres of tree-lined pastures, six rivers, multiple natural springs and two sets of waterfalls.

We are developing ecological tourism while preserving the natural values of life on a Costa Rican ranch. You will find yourself over-looking the tranquil pastures and raising your eyes to colorful rolling hills and dense mountain forests.

Imagine leaving our welcome center (a remodeled 80 year old Costa Rican home) on horseback, riding through the beautiful pastures, crossing two rivers before ascending to the first platform of Canopy Pura Aventura.

Once on the canopy you will experience the magnificent views of our peaceful farm as well as spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. As you are enjoying your tour, you are likely to observe many of our diverse wildlife. Monkeys and birds are plentiful but deer and puma also share this natural habitat.

Safety is our main focus. Our construction is top quality. We have double cables and double pulleys. Our equipment is top of the line and our guides are experienced and knowledgeable.

Our goal is to create treasured memories that will last a lifetime!

Safety 1st, service is our pleasure!"
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